For over 40 years Dens Partners, Inc. has operated as an equity investor in various high technology businesses that serve the biotechnology, laboratory, pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries in the northeastern United States. Our strengths are in recognizing the proper targets and strategies for a growing business; helping them to refine those; supporting their team; and helping them to quickly meet their goals. Our businesses have included several that were either spun out to our employee-partners, sold to Fortune 500 companies, or merged with larger operating entities. We are not currently pursuing new investment opportunities. Some examples of our former businesses are listed below:

As one of New England’s first to apply advanced welding technologies for bio-pharmaceutical process systems Decco wrote the welding standards for validated piping systems still being utilized today by the FDA and BPE.  DECCO continues to be New England’s leading provider of GMP installations for FDA-validated pharmaceutical and biotechnology facilities. 

Dens Facilities Services specializes in Life Science maintenance and management including biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, and pharmaceutical facilities. With an exclusive focus on life science and facilities requiring state-of-the-art mechanical equipment and utilities, Dens Facilities excels at high quality, customized solutions for each individual client.

NSMC was founded in 1984 as a specialized plumbing and piping firm. They have a roster of repeat clients at the top of their own industries…they have received regional and national awards for their work and their safety programs…and all of their work is performed by a long-term labor force of the best-trained, safest, most dedicated plumbers in the craft.

Fluid Solutions

Fluid Solutions was a specialty business focused on the design, installation and maintenance of pure water systems for the biopharmaceutical and semiconductor industries. In 2007 it was sold and merged into the operations of Mar Cor, a Cantel Company.