Investment Criteria

Company Profiles

  • Construction, engineering, manufacturing and service businesses established for at least 5 years
  • Medium to strong growth potential - either organically or through acquisitions
  • Demonstrated niche expertise


  • Annual revenues between $3MM and $20MM
  • Stable and positive cash flows for the last 5 years


  • We are looking to partner with current management and owners to help grow their businesses
  • We value committed, stable employee relations

Products and Services

  • Products and/or services that are relatively stable – not subject to rapid obsolescence
  • Reasonably defensible market position
  • Significant value added to the customer
  • Diverse without significant over-concentration in any given customer
  • Compelling strategic advantage behind domestic production and service delivery


  • Domestic specialty contractors and subcontractors
  • Niche engineering or service markets
  • Representative manufacturing industries: defense, medical devices, aviation, precision instrumentation/machining, telecommunications, power industry, industrial equipment, electronic equipment, and construction supply
  • Mature but growing industries
  • Fragmented industry either by geography or by product
  • Fragmented suppliers and customers
  • Low seasonal cyclicality


  • Corporate headquarters on the East Coast, preferably northeastern US